Steel Fabrications

What are steel fabrications?

Steel fabrication is the process of manufacturing steel into certain shapes using cutting, welding, and grinding. It usually first begins with a design, a product that is required, the engineer will then look at the best process to make the steel fabrication required.

More often than not a metal/steel fabrication will be cut into the desired shape and size. Various processes will be used including laser cutting and high-tech multi-process machinery.

Welding is also commonly used in the steel fabrication process, this is normally when a number of pieces are welded together, the welding process uses high heat to melt the metals together, as the metals cool they will fuse together.

Grinding can also be used in steel fabrications, the main purpose of grinding is to provide a high-quality finish, enhancing the shape that was intended. Abrasive wheels are used to shear off small pieces creating a smoother finish.

At the end of the steel fabrications process, all of the parts are put together to form a finished product. Bolts or washers can also be added to get the required strength and finish required.

In simple terms, steel fabrication is just a process that involves the process of transforming raw steel into the desired item, usually used in construction or assembly.

The most common raw materials that are mostly used are plated metals, castings, fittings, flat metals, welding wire, and formed and expanded metal.

All of these steel fabrications will be bought together and made by skilled engineers, that are highly trained in the field of forging, welding, and steel fabrications.

Steel Fabrication