Flea treatment for Dogs

Different types of flea treatments for dogs

One of the main and most common flea treatments for dogs is spot on treatment. A spot-on treatment is used most often in the household by pet owners, and it is a quick and easy way of protecting your dog from fleas. It is typically applied to the back of the neck, directly onto your dog’s skin as this is a space that isn’t accessible to your dog’s self-grooming habits and wont be licked off from this area.

Another type of flea treatment for dog’s is flea shampoo. Flea shampoo’s are handy for severe infestations as they produce a quick, effective kill getting the fleas off your dog immediately. However, they don’t tend to have long term prevention and fleas can easily return within 24 hours. So, whilst flea shampoo is a great flea treatment for dogs, it only a quick fix rather than a long-term solution.

More flea treatments for dogs include oral treatment that is typically taken in tablet form. Oral flea treatments for dogs includes a chemical called Lufenuron which technically doesn’t kill any adult fleas but it ensures any larvae produced by adult fleas will not survive. This method is useful alongside another flea treatment such as shampooing or spot on treatments.


Important things to note about Flea Treatment for Dogs

You should always make sure you are specifically using a flea treatment made for dogs, it is not ok to use one for cats on your dog and vice versa! Additionally, its important if you are using a spot-on treatment for your dog, that you are using one that is suitable for your dog’s breed/size. Different treatments are designed in different ways to specifically target the size and type of dog you have.  if you are ever unsure of what treatment to use or have any concerns, you should get in touch with your vet.